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Flower Harp
Flower Harp is a virtual musical instrument which you play with a golden ball. Grab the ball and touch it to the flowers to make the music, or toss the ball and watch it play the flowers randomly.
Through-a-Glass: Move your mouse over the glass to change the light from night to dawn to full day. Listen to three nature songs that go with light: night sounds, dawn chorus and a lazy summer afternoon.
Necklace is a virtual musical instrument. Move your pointer and the beads of the “necklace” will follow. Touch the stars with a string of beads. Each star plays a different harp scale as the beads run past it.
Sunroom: Walk into a pleasant, light-filled room. There is a table with a vase and French doors swinging out onto a garden. Go out into the garden and pick flowers for the vase. When you are finished, sit down and read in the afternoon light.
Spring is an animation about the joy and exuberance of being a late bloomer.
Seahorse is an animation about a seahorse with a very long, very graceful tail. The phrase, "Lovely and Watery," is from "Fern Hill," a poem by Dylan Thomas.
Match Flowers
Match Flowers is a tile matching game. Each tile has its own picture linked to its own sound, for a double memory cue.
Star Rescue
Star Rescue Use the rescue ship to get the three lost stars home to their own galaxy. Deliver them to the wormhole in the center of the spiral. At first, the stars may run away from the ship -- try to get them to follow it.
Hearts is an animation about waiting for the right heart to appear.
Fluff is an animation which explores the life of one petal as it changes color and repeats on its visual journey.