Dwelling Place - Live! is a recording of "Dwelling Place" played by string ensemble at Plymouth Chorale's Christmas concert "Two Magnificats," December 10, 2017
Dwelling Place is about creating a home for an idea and a feeling. First comes the music: Composition, sequencing. Then comes the motion: Graphics, compositing, animation. Finished, it is a new container for the idea and feeling that will always live there.
FitzWilliam the Dancing Flower is an animated musical composition I made using Sonar (for the music) and Blender (for the animation).

Spring is a musical composition I made using Cakewalk Sonar. It's in the style of early music, played on Renaissance instruments. I call it "Spring."
The music of ColorCubed was made using Cakewalk Sonar. In the full, interactive version of ColorCubed, the sequence of musical phrases is random -- coded in Unity3D.