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What's next?

About two years ago, I got the idea of using game creation software -- Unity 3d to tell a story. Itís taken me that long, working alone, to complete the interactive landscape which will serve as the setting -- Summer's Day. The story meanwhile has been forming in my head complete with characters, but how to portray them? Full 3D game character animation is out of my reach for now, but 2D images can certainly tell a story. The picture above is my first experiment of placing a figure I developed with Poser into a Summerís Day landscape. Eventually there will be many such pictures and also passages of text which will make up a fully developed story.

The reader/viewer/player/visitor/audience (pick your word) will experience the story by traveling through the landscape, visiting different scenes, triggering the pictures and text (and other surprises) which will tell the story. And it wonít always be a pleasant summer day -- expect adventure!

Using game creation software to make something other than a game has been around for a long time and is growing in popularity. See Wikipeida for information about Serious Games and Art Games.

Summer's Day copyright 2011-2012 Barbara Parkman