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Star Rescue is a mouse-driven game (but the arrow keys will work too). The object is for the Star Rescue Ship to get the 3 lost stars home to their own galaxy by delivering them to the wormhole in the center of the spiral. The stars will run away from the ship at first, but if the ship can get close enough, they will follow it. Then the ship has to coax the stars through the spiral and into the wormhole without falling into the wormhole itself.

The walls of the spiral are "semi permeable." Both stars and ship can get through them if traveling fast enough.

I am indebted to "FoundationGame Design with Flash," by Rex van der Spuy, particularly Chapter 9, and "Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation, Making Things Move!," by Keith Peters, particularly Chapter 7. The artwork and sounds are all my original work.

(cc) 1996-2009, some rights reserved under this Creative Commons license.