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FlowerHarp is an experimental musical instrument using Flash animation and harp music generated in Calkwalk Sonar. Each flower plays a 3-note musical figure (I got the idea from listening to 3-note bird calls). You play it by dragging or tossing the golden ball at the flowers. Each time the ball touches the base of a flower, one of the 3-note figures sounds. Thus you can play the flowers individually by dragging the ball to each, or you can play a stream of notes by throwing the ball through the flowers. If the ball is going too fast to catch, just press the "reset ball" button. Left alone, the FlowerHarp will also play itself indefinitely as the ball bounces around inside the borders of the artwork. The code draws much of its inspiration from the book: "Foundation ActionScript Animation, Making Things Move!" by Keith Peters.

(cc) 1996-2008, some rights reserved under this Creative Commons license.